Wetherill Wetherill

A History of Discovery  

Cameron Taylor

Cameron Taylor is 41, and is an internationally published lyricist. This is his first novel

The Native American flute calls true emotions from the heart.  "During my travels," Cameron explains, "I'd play flute on the streets and at tourist sites to earn money for bus fares and food. Around the world, the flute opened doors to experiences and friends, and filled
my belly on many occasions when otherwise I would have gone hungry.  These experiences inspired me to seek out the flute's origins, to go to the places where its roots are to be found."  In Arizona, Cameron visited the old native places and great natural wonders scattered across the desert between the Navajo Reservation and
the Canyon de Chelly.  "What affected me most, was the extraordinary personal dignity, and humour, of these people. People around the world cherish the legend of
Robin Hood for the same reason we love the flute: it touches our hearts with the passion, joy and pain of being an authentic human being in adversity. In this novel, I explore something that has never been revealed, the source of Robin Hood's moral strength: his life-affirming, witty, brave and wise friend, the merry minister, Friar Tuck."  Friar Tuck is packed with historical fact, thrilling adventure and uplifting wisdom, and re-tells the classic tales set in Sherwood Forest.  "I wrote Friar Tuck to communicate those qualities we find shine

brightest in humanity when the chips are down."  Cameron smiles.  "Readers tell me they love the visual power of the book, vivid characters and emotional engagement, but most of all that they they feel good when reading the book. To me, what they are describing is the same wonderful feeling we get hearing the flute sing through the canyons at dawn: the celebration of all that's best in the human heart."

Hear Cameron playing the Native American Flute


Friar Tuck

“This glorious yarn shows just how much more can be
woven around the Sherwood Forest legend. Engaging and
appealingly visual, with a sprinkling of historical fact, this tale
pitches Robin, Will Scarlett, Alan-a-Dale and a feisty Marion
against the uncaring rule of King John and his cruel Sherriff of
Nottingham. Redistribution of wealth and general mayhem
ensue in scenes strong on action and humour, all under the
watchful eye and spiritual guidance of Friar Tuck.” Amazon.co.uk