Chaco Canyon, Wetherill Reunion 2010

A day of remberance for Richard Wetherill June 22, 2010. It was 100 years to the day Richard was killed by an angry Navajo. The Wetherill family gathered at the Wetherill Cemetery in the Chaco Culture National Historic Park. Jim Shaffner, Grandson of Richard Wetherill spoke at the grave site giving a short overview of Richards life and events leading up to his death. Rulon Wetherill and Harvey Leake also spoke. Following the ceremony the family visited Pueblo Bonito to View several young Laguna Pueblo Indians dancing. That afternoon the family viewed a petroglyph depicting Richard's murder. The following day several Wetherill family members visited three Wetherill trading post sites in the area, Tiz-Nat-Zin, Ojo Alamo and Kimbeto.

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