Wetherill Wetherill

A History of Discovery  

David Roberts


David Roberts is the author of seventeen books on mountaineering, adventure, and the history of the American Southwest. His essays and articles have appeared in National Geographic, National Geographic Adventure, and The Atlantic Monthly, among other publications. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 


In Search of the Old Ones

The book "In Search of the Old Ones," describes the activities of the Wetherill family and their explorations in the Southwest. Author David Roberts wonders why they have not been given credit for the discoveries they made, in particular, Richard Wetherill and the discovery of Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde, Colorado. He gives a brief historical account of the murder of Richard Wetherill.


In Search of the Old Ones

"In the history of the Southwest, no scholar ever found or discovered more sites, or more important sites, than Richard Wetherill-not even his indefatigable brother John. One might expect that Richard's achievement, which rivals those of Heinrich Schliemann at Troy and Hiram Bingham at Machu Picchu, should be hailed as a landmark in American archaeology. But the of controversy that shadowed his work from start to finish has never entirely lifted."