Wetherill Wetherill

A History of Discovery  

Frank McNitt

Anasazi is the Navajo name for the 'Ancient Ones' who preceded them into the Southwest. And Anasazi is the nickname of Richard Wetherill, who devoted his life to a Richard Wetherill Anasazisearch for the remains of these vanished people. He discovered the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, the Basket Maker civilization, and Kiet Siel - Arizona's largest cliff house. He initiated the excavation of Pueblo Bonito, largest prehistoric ruin in the United States, abandoned about 800 years ago. By the time of his murder in 1910, Wetherill had become one of the most controversial and tragic figures of his day, falsely labelled as pot-hunter, anti-Navajo, even cattle thief. The author, Frank McNitt, spent five years untangling the truth about Richard Wetherill's extraordinary career.


Richard Wetherill Anasazi

Richard Wetherill