A History of Discovery  

Fred Blackburn

Fred Blackburn is an independent guide, author, and contractor responsible for organizing the donation of Wetherill family collections to the Anasazi Heritage Center. He has written extensively about the early archaeological era of the Four Fred BlackburnCorners. He co-authored with Dr. Ray Williamson Cowboys and Cave Dwellers, reviewing early archaeological explorations in the Grand Gulch and Mesa Verde region. His contribution to other texts include Handwriting on the Wall in Anasazi Basketmaker a synopses of journal and reverse archaeology in Utahs Grand Gulch and historic inscriptions and the first recorded visits to balcony house in balcony house, a History of a Cliff Dwelling Mesa Verde National Park---Colorado by Kathleen Fiero. Fred has recently completed a yet unpublished and extensive manuscript on the expeditionary of Mesa Verde Historical Inscriptions and the Expeditionary History of Balcony House, Cliff Palace, Hemenway House, Little Hemenway House, Honeymoon House and Spruce Tree House: A History of Discovery, Exploration, Photography, and Documentation. Using Historical inscriptions as a primary research reference. His knowledge and collaboration with Wetherill Family members, and the terrain and archaeology of the Four Corners serves him well in the organization of special field programs designed by request. Fred, for the past 21 years, partners with the Jefferson County Open School, in the documentation of Inscriptions upon the Navajo Reservation, completed an analyses for the Navajo Tribe of the Navajo Expeditions of 1860, Summary of the early discoveries of Keet Seel, Detailed analyses of the inscription Legacy of Inscription House and surrounding canyons, work in the Reverse Archaeology of Prayer Rock, while currently working on a written report of the findings of Richard Wetherill at Snyders well. Fred holds a BS degree and Secondary Science education certificate from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. He can be reached at blackburn104@msn.com for further information on field or research programming  

What became of the collection made in Tsegi Canyon in the spring of 1895? It is the one major collectionS Richard Wetherill made which has not been traced.
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The Wetherills: Friends of Mesa Verde 

The Wetherills: Friends of Mesa Verde 


There are two versions of The Wetherills: Friends of Mesa Verde published, a paperback edition and a hardback edition. The hardback book has more photos and an amended text. The hardback is considered a collectors book as no other printing will be made. These books are in very limited quantities. Click here to be taken to the Authors website to purchase an autographed copy. During the payment process through PayPal you will be given an option to add personalized autograph wording.