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Casimiro Garcia

Casimiro "Casey" was born the 15th of August 1920 in Casa Colorada, New Mexico.  He was the eldest of eight children and the great grandson of Maria Antonio. Maria was of Native American descent most likely the Isleta Pueblo Tribe.  He was the leading force in the establishment of the Plaza Del Sol National Bank in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was one of the largest farmers in Tome, New Mexico, raising Alfalfa using the most modern farming methods and applying the newest cultural techniques.

Casamiro Garcia and Erlinda SanchezHe was married in 1947 to Erlinda Carolina Sanchez one of the heirs to the 1739 Tome Spanish Land Grant and the sixth great-granddaughter of Juana Lopez de Aragon. This family is considered to be one of the twelve founding families of Albuquerque.

Casey and Erlinda raised four children all of which were college educated. Listed in order of their birth Marie, Richard, Mark and Ray.

Casey enlisted in the Army in 1941 training at Camp Barkeley, Texas.  He served in Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, and Germany with Company C of the 120th Engineer Combat Battalion, supporting the 45th Infantry Division. He landed in Oran, North Africa on June 22, 1943 which was the beginning of the invasion of Sicily on July 10, 1943. He also participated in the initial amphibious assault in Italy, at Salerno, on Sept. 20, 1943, and against Anzio on Jan. 22, 1944.

After earning six Bronze stars and a Purple Heart his commanders suggested he should be nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Casey refused and shortly afterwards was discharged and returned home to the lovely Rio Grande Valley south of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Casamiro Garcia World War II Medals

Casey won many campaign medals and badges during World War II but most significant were 6 Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart. 

Captured Nazi Flag

Captured Nazi Flag

This flag was captured in 1945 and signed by the members of Company D, 120Th Combat Engineers, 45th Infantry Division March 25, 1945. Eloy Baca of Mosquero, New Mexico was one of the signatories. He gave an interview at Rio Rancho, New Mexico January 24, 2002 about his experiences in World War II. He and Casimiro Garcia were good friends during that period and remained friends until Casimiros death in 1987.

Nazi Flag


Nazi Flag