Roberts Landscape Featured Element

These are photos to give you ideas and to pick a main feature for your landscape which would be a very large stone that is either a water feature, a stand alone feature or both.
IMG 4435  Stone only. IMG 4437  Stone only, not a water feature. IMG 4430.1  Stone only not a water feature. IMG 4431.1  Stone only not a water feature.
IMG 4428.1  Stone only, no carving and no water running through it. IMG 4433.1  Stone only, no carving and no water running through it. The stone behind it has only a Kokopelli carving. IMG 4440.1  A very cool stone only. IMG 4442.1  This is an example of the stones that are added with your major element to enhance your landscape. These stones are only in odd numbers, never, never are they installed in even numbers.  Only skilled landscape artists know that. They are not that expensive $40 to $80 depending on size.
IMG 4444.1  Not a water feature, carving only. IMG 4445.1  Not a water feature, carving only. IMG 4446.1  Not a water feature, stone only. IMG 4477.1  Notice the odd number rule.  There are three stones.  The pot is actuallt half a pot and is not buried but meerly sitting on the surface.  The pink material is called crusher fines and is a great material to use rather than stones because it does not trap leaves and other material during the fall leaf drop.
IMG 4479.1  Odd number rule again, one pot, three stones and good contrasting colors. IMG 4484.1  The water feature is running but still looks good when it is not. IMG 4487.1  A different view but all the rules apply on both sides of the driveway. IMG 4471.1  This photo and the rest of them are to give you examples of how to design your landscape and to point out things that are not obvious.  There is only one water feature which follows the odd number rule and looks good whether it is running or off.  Looks good all year.
IMG 4472.1  Only one fountain with smaller stones around it to enhance it's beauty and make it fit ito the landscape. IMG 4451.1  Other views, notice the odd number rule? Three Yucca's, one Ocotillo, one water feature, one bridge. IMG 4423.1  A water feature and and a carved Kokopelli.  This will look good all the time.  You don't know this but water features like this are only run during special events at your home or just because you like it. What you get with this is "Holy Shit that's really cool" when the water is running, but looks great summer and winter.  This is very important to think about.  I have seen lots of water features that are ugly as hell when the water is not running, which is most of the time.  The good thing about a stone like this is it doesn't have to have power and water run to it to look good if it's not a water feature to.