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Wetherill Mason Reunion 2008

The Wetherill and Mason Family reunion began on June 29, 2008 and ended July 6, 2008.  The reunion took place as gatherings in four states, two national parks and two native American Reservations.  Beginning on June 29th the family gathered at the Shaffner home in Tome, New Mexico to view a horsemanship demonstration and local historic sites.  In the evening a Bar BQ took place with a briefing of the weeks activities.  The following day family members gathered at the Chaco Culture National Historical Park. Victoria Atkins, Wetherill family researcher and Archeologist conducted a tour of several areas in the canyon including the Wetherill Cemetery.  Terry Watson and her sister Kathy Watson Johnson conducted an evening tour which included night sky observations.

The following day the family met at the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores, Colorado for a talk given by Harvey Leake, family Historian and great grandson of John Wetherill.  His talk described the various family lines, their discoveries, relationships and business activities.  Fred Blackburn and Tracy Murphy, gave a tour of the Wetherill archives describing the acquisition of Tracy Murphy, Assistant Curator, BLM - Anasazi Heritage Center materials, their care and descriptions of Wetherill donations. LouAnn Jacobson, Manager of the Anasazi Heritage Center gave a very informative talk about the Wetherill Archives and the relationship to the Anasazi Heritage Center. The evening activities included a wonderful family dinner at the Sophia Lodge in Dolores, Colorado with guest speaker Fred Blackburn.

Wednesday July 2nd, was a day filled with activities at Mesa Verde National Park.  Terry Watson and Kathy Watson Johnson arranged a special family tour to Long House on Wetherill Mesa and the evening was a fun filled family picnic sharing family photos, history, memories and an awards ceremony.  Harvey Leake gave a talk on "The significance of the Cliff Dwellers as Seen Through the Eyes of the Wetherills.

Thursday July 3rd., family members met at the Ute Mountain Tribal Park just outside Cortez, Colorado.  A tour was given by Fred Blackburn of Sandal House and other sites seldom visited by the general public but frequented by the Wetherills and Charlie Mason in the 1800's.
The following day was a free day for family members to view other Wetherill, Mason sites including the Alamo Ranch.  The Alamo ranch was established in the 1800's by Benjamin Kite Wetherill near Mancos, Colorado.

Sandal House, Ute Mountain Tribal Park

Sandal House

Saturday July 5th. family members traveled to Mexican Hat, Oljato, Utah & Monument Valley . Oljato Utah was the original site of the John Wetherill home and trading post before it was moved South, to Kayenta Arizona in 1910.  Harvey Leake gave a wonderful tour of these sites and Betatakin.

Betatakin, Arizona


John Wetherill first viewed this ruin in 1909.

Longhouse Mesa Verde, Colorado

Long House, Wetherill Mesa


A collection was made here in December of 1889-90; by Richard, John Al , Clayton Wetherill and Charles Mason.

Chris Fine

Chris Fine Great Great Grandson of Richard Wetherill

Chris Fine, Great Great Grandson of Richard Wetherill. Morefield Campgrounds, Mesa Verde.

Links to pictures of the 2008 Wetherill Mason Reunion

Alamo Ranch

Betatakin, Arizona

Chaco Culture National Park

Mesa Verde National Park

Oljato, Utah & Monument Valley

Sandal House, Ute Mountain