Wetherill Wetherill

A History of Discovery  

Wetherill Seminar

Wetherill descendants assembled near Cottonwood Wash for a group picture with authors and those responsible for Wetherill Seminarorganizing the Wetherill Seminar in 1998. Left to Right. Jim Shaffner, Bill Wetherill, Sue Swinehart, Christina Dunkleberger, Christopher Dunkleburger, Frances Wetherill, Winston Hurst (Author), Gretchen Mahan Brady, Fred Blackburn (Author), Kneeling Left to right Julia Johnson (Author), Harvey Leake, Marietta Eaton.

The family met in Cortez, Colorado to plan for the establishment of the Wetherill Archive.  The group made a decision to establish the archive at the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores, Colorado. Many family members brought documents from early family history which formed the beginning of the archive. 


Grand Gulch Cave 7

Richard Wetherill excavated near Comb Ridge and in Cottonwood Wash north of Bluff City in 1893-1894 for the Hyde Exploring Expedition. Excavating at "Cave 7" he noted that these burials were different and  proposed that the "Basket People" (later named Basketmakers) were a separate, earlier culture than the Anasazi.