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William Richard Shaffner

William Richard Sidney Shaffner (Ricky) Ricky Shaffner 1966was born in Tucumcari, New Mexico August 4th, 1948. He graduated from Tucumcari High School in 1966 and attended Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) until joining the Navy in 1968. Ricky was an accomplished artist, painting and drawing beautiful introspective pieces of which only a few remain of the hundred or so that he produced. Ricky was engaged to the lovely Paula Vuras of Tucumcari, New Mexico before his death in an automobile accident in Yosemite National Park, California.

Ricky loved the outdoors and enjoyed riding and training his own horses. The horses he trained, very rarely bucked because of his training methods and were a joy to ride. 

 While in the Navy Ricky attended the Naval Air Maintenance Training Group eventually reaching the rank of Second Class Petty Officer. He spent a year in Vietnam serving on the USS Ranger aircraft carrier and was stationed at the U.S.Naval Air Station at Lemoore, California.

Ricky Sgaffner USS Ranger

Ricky Shaffner second from the right on the USS Ranger aircraft carrier March 16, 1970.

Drawing by William

Drawing by William Richard Shaffner

Ricky Shaffner USS Ranger 1970