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A History of Discovery  

Anasazi Heritage Center  

Anasazi Heritage Center Dolores, Colorado

The Anasazi Heritage Center is a federal museum, research center, and curation facility that introduces visitors to Four Corners prehistory.  Approximately three million records, samples, and artifacts from public lands throughout southwestern Colorado form the Center's collection.  The Center is also the curation facility for the Wetherill Family archives. Since initiation by the family approximately 15,000 documents and artifacts of historical significance in 15 accessioned collections have been donated by family members and other individuals interested in preserving information about the early years of archaeology in the Four Corners.  The Wren and Tom Wetherill Donation contained a photo album by Fredrick H.Chapin.  He was Among the people who stayed with the Wetherills during 1889 and 1890.  He described the landscape and ruins in an 1890 article and later in a 1892 book, The Land of the Cliff-Dwellers, which he illustrated with hand drawn maps and personal photographs.

Pueblo Art

Box Labels and Inventories

2000.14- Mason Family Donation
2000.15-Pat Chouinard Donation
2000.19-Wren and Tom Wetherill Donation
2001.02- Wetherill-Eaton Donation
2001.18-William Wetherill Donation
2002.01- Ann Owen Donation
20003.22- Wetherill Symposium 1998
2003.23-Ken Douthett Donation
2003.35-William Wetherill Donation
2004.01-Harvey Leake Donation
2004.09-Fred Blackburn Donation
2004.84-Jimmy Shaffner Donation
2005.38-Jefferson County Open School Donation
2005.32-Gloria Kent Donation
2006.07-Celia E. Wetherill Donation
2007.06-Julia Johnson [Wetherill/Grand Gulch] Donatio

Pueblo Art

Notice to Wetherill Family Members!

Tracy Murphy with mortor Wetherill family members may view items in the Wetherill Family Archives. It will be necessary to contact AHC Curation staff to make arrangements. Please don't show up and expect to be given a tour of the archive with no notice to the Anasazi Heritage Center.  You may contact:

Tracy Murphy- Museum Specialist-Curation Program 
BLM-Anasazi Heritage Center
27501 Highway 184
Dolores, CO 81323
phone:  970-882-5643
fax:  970-882-7035
email:  t2murphy@blm.gov 

Researches that have detailed research requests  that require more long-term research involving staff time, database searches, research space, photo/document scanning, etc may contact Tracy L. Murphy, Museum Specialist-Curation Program for more information. Download a research request pdf form  here

Wetherill Archives

Arrow Quiver 

Arrow Quiver 

Arrow Quiver collected by the Wetherill's at Cliff Palace Mesa Verde, CO abt. 1888. Al Wetherill Collection. 


Marietta Eaton 

Marietta Eaton is Director of the Anasazi Heritage Center and Manager of Canyons of the Ancients National
Monument. She is the great granddaughter of Richard and Marietta Wetherill