Wetherill Wetherill

A History of Discovery  

Wetherill  Families

  • Garcia
    History of the Garcia family in New Mexico
  • Johnson
    History of the Johnson family
  • Harvey Leake Great Grandson of John Wetherill is an author, speaker and leader for exploring Wetherill sites. He has published his second book.
  • Richard Lilley Grandson of Anna Wetherill Mason.  Mason and Wetherill family Historian.  
  • PalmerWetherill Coat of Arms The history of the Palmer family including the discovery of Palmerland near Antarctica.
  • Sanchez
    The Sanchez de Inigo puzzle. New genealogical considerations.
  • James (Jim) Wetherill Shaffner
    Grandson of Richard Wetherill
  • Marie Garcia Shaffner
    Marie is the chief genealogist for the Sanchez and Garcia families.
  • William Richard Shaffner
    Grandson of Richard Wetherill
  • Harrison B. Wetherill Grandson of the industrialist Robert Wetherill of Chester, Pennsylvania.
  • Robert Wetherill
    Eminent industrialist and banker founded the Robert Wetherill & Company. Click here to view a catalog of his Corless Engines, boilers and elevators
  • Richard Wetherill
    Richard Wetherill, of Chester, Pennsylvania and President of the Chester National Bank, is one of the pioneers who made possible this great industrial center of Chester Pennsylvania
  • Richard Wetherill II
    Richard Wetherill II was the first child born from the marriage in 1896 of Richard Wetherill and Marietta Palmer. Young Richard's father was a member of the Wetherill family of the Alamo ranch. Not simply ranchers, Richard, his brothers and brother-in-law are credited with the discovery in 1888 of Mesa Verde's ancient cliff dwellings. Together they pioneered in Southwestern archaeology and exploration of the Four Corners region.
  • William Wetherill
    Biography of William "Bill" Wetherill. Grandson of John Wetherill
  • Richard Wethereld  Richard Wethereld filed application for naturalization papers and became an American Citizen on 10-26-1821, under the name of Richard Wetherill, the name spelled WETHERILL in the papers and in his signature to the papers.

Other Links of Interest 

  • Alamo Ranch, Cortez, Colorado The Alamo Ranch which translates into Poplar or Cottonwood in Spanish was established in 1881 by Benjamin Kite Wetherill his 5 sons and daughter. It was to become a very successful cattle ranch and the center of discovery for the Wetherill brothers and the Four Corners area. Photo album
  • Anasazi Basketmaker Symposium, papers from the 1990Wetherill _ Grand Gulch Symposium. A history of Wetherill and the Hyde Exploration Expedition (HEE) into Grand Gulch and the discovery of Cave 7 and the basketmakers.
  • The Native American flute played by Cameron Taylor This version is Arches at Twilight click here. The composition is played on a High Spirits Native American Flute, in E. This track is from the album "Flute Open Heart".
  • Fred Blackburn
    Fred Blackburn is an independent guide, author, and contractor responsible for organizing the donation of Wetherill family collections to the Anasazi Heritage Center.
  • 1998 Wetherill Seminar, The Wetherill family met in Cortez, Colorado to establish the Wetherill Archives.
  • 2006 Wetherill Mason gathering at Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde, Colorado
  • 2006 Wetherill Reunion, Ute Mountain Tribal Park and Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde
    The Wetherill family gathered at the Ute Mountain Tribal Park June 30, 2006 to view sites visited by the Wetherills between 1888 and 1890. A small group visited Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde to watch a re- enactment of the discovery of Cliff Palace.
  • 2007 Wetherill reunion in Philadelphia   A reunion of Wetherill families in Chester and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • 2008 Wetherill, Mason reunion June 29, 2008 and ended July 6, 2008.  The reunion took place as gatherings in four states, two national parks and two native American Reservations.
  • 2010 Wetherill Reunion at Rainbow Natural Bridge. Harvey Leake led a backpacking trip to Rainbow Natural Bridge and beyond, May 28th and 29th, 2010. Several family members met near the bridge for a short reunion and tour conducted by Harvey. Later, Harvey led a tour and over night stay two miles beyond the bridge.
  • 2010 Chaco Canyon Reunion
  • 2010 Wetherill Cape May, NJ Reunion
  • 2011 Wetherill Reunion. These photos are of a trip in early 2011 by the Wetherill family to most of the major archeological sites visited or discovered by the Wetherill brothers in the late 1800's and early 1900. These sites include Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Monument Valley, Arizona, Betatakin Navajo National Monument and Canyon De Chelly National Park.
  • 2011 Mason and Wetherill Reunion Photos of the reunion at Tumwater Historic Park Olympia Washington.
  •  Sandal House inSandal House the Ute Mountain Tribal Park Cortez, Colorado.  The park is behind the cliff dwellings of the Mesa Verde National Park and must be guided by a Ute Tribal member to gain Access. A collection of artifacts was made here in about 1889 by the Wetherills and sent to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. 
  • A petroglyph of Richard Wetherill's murder was found in a site survey inside Weritos Rincon, South of Pueblo Bonito in 1972. During the Wetherill June 22, 2010 reunion a visit to the site was made. Unfortunately the day of the Wetherill family visit the light was very poor and photographs did not turn out well. Drawings were obtained from the park service which are very accurate depictions of the actual petroglyph.
  • Richard Wetherill: A day of Remembrance June 22, 2010 A day of remembrance for Richard Wetherill was held at the Wetherill Cemetery, Chaco Culture National Historic Park.
  • History of The Tome Spanish Land Grant                   In 1739 125,000 acres were granted to 30 Town of Tome families by the Spanish Crown
  • Photos of Historic Tome Hill, New Mexico Photos around Tome, New Mexico
  • Anasazi Heritage Center is a federal museum, research center, and curation facility that introduces visitors to Four Corners prehistory and the curation facility for the Wetherill family archives.
  • Walter Palmer Society is linked to thousands of Palmer family members starting with Walter Palmer 1629 of Stonington CT.
  • What became of the collection made in Tsegi Canyon in the spring of 1895? It is the one major collections Richard Wetherill made which has not been traced.
  • Wetherill History by Richard Lilley, grandson of Anna Wetherill Mason
  • Wetherill Corliss Steam Engine Manufactured by Robert Wetherill  & Co., Pa.  in 1888 and still running today at the Rough and Tumble Museum in Pa.  Click on the following link to see mechanical drawings of the Corliss Engine. Drawings and repair Manual
  • George D. Wetherill & Co., a paint manufacturer.  This link contains photos of labels in an album.  The original album is owned by Sidney Wetherill of Cape May, NJ.
  • Marietta Wetherill home site in the Jemez Mountains.  It was here that she moved after Richard Wetherill was killed at Chaco Canyon in 1910.
  • Families from Village Wetheral  A book by Frank Wetherill that examines the origin of the Wetherell name and a large genealogy file with hundreds of names.  You will more than likely find your family here.  Courtesy of Patty Goode
  • Letters related to Richard Wetherill's murder between government employees, Shelton and Stacher and others.  Letters between Stacher and Shelton and others trying to discredit Richard Wetherill before his murder.
  • Dr. Prudden Letters Letters to federal officials requesting that an investigation be launched into Richard Wetherill's murder and specific charges against federal officials.

Robert Wetherill Home Graystone

Greystone, Robert Wetherill Home, Courtesy Rulon Wetherill

Richard Wetherill (Wethereld)

Richard Wethereld



Richard Wetherill (Wethereld) Mill Site

The Henry Wetherill Letters of 1865

1864 Henry Letter

The Henry Letters were written in the mid 1800's by the brothers and sister of Henry Wetherill and some other relatives. You may click  here for the history of the letters  how they were found and the first transcription. These files may take more than a minute to download so be patient.

The following links are the balance of transcribed versions.

Transcription 1

Transcription 2

Transcription 3

View the original digital images of the 1865 Henry Letters: Here

Robert Henvis Wetherill


Robert Henvis Wetherill



Catalog of the Robt. Wetherill Company Incorporated Established in 1872

Catalog of Robt. Wetherill Co, Courtesy of Harvey leake

Various Photographs from the John and Louisa Wetherill Collection.

1874 Jackson Survey Party

1874 Jackson Survey Party